Parts of Optical Frames?

Answer Optical frames, the housing or frame for prescription lenses, come in many different styles, colors and shapes. They are made up of several parts that serve varying purposes when it comes to how th... Read More »

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The Best Optical Frames?

The material your optical frames are made out of is important, as different frames are better for people with different lifestyles and aesthetic needs. Plastics and metals each offer diverse benefi... Read More »

Are there audio optical cable adapters, or multi-pronged audio optical cables of some sort?

doesn't your tv have optical out? which would solve plugging in directly to the sound inputs on the sound bar so the tv inputs would get redirected to the sound bar

If your LG TV only has an optical audio output and the DVD player only has an optical output can you hook it up like that and will it work?

Who are major manufacturers of aluminum pools and parts beside Esther Williams for replacement parts?