Parts and Styles of a Business Letter?

Answer A business letter contains six diverse sections that each tells the reader something different. This letter is meant to be more formal than a personal letter because it pertains to a business matte... Read More »

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How to Teach the Parts of a Business Letter?

It is important for students to learn how to write a good business letter. They will need to write them when applying for jobs and if they work in the business world, they will want to correspond w... Read More »

How to Teach the Parts of a Friendly Letter?

Writing a friendly letter is an easy way to stay in touch. In today's world, mail usually includes bills and junk mail. When you write a friendly letter, the personal touch and information you shar... Read More »

Roman Greek Letter Styles?

The Greek and Latin alphabets have some similarities, as well as stark differences. Originally, the Romans adopted a modified Greek alphabet named Cumaean in order to phoneticize the sounds present... Read More »

Friendly Letter Format Styles?

Friendly letters are personal letters written to a friend or someone you would like to get to know. Writing friendly letters in one of four distinct formats lets the recipient know, right when they... Read More »