Partially Shaved & Faded Punk Girl Hairstyles?

Answer Partially shaved and faded punk hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. The hairstyle is shaved on only one side of the head. The short hair blends into the rest of the haircut which is prima... Read More »

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Shaved Head Hairstyles?

Shaved head hairstyles are not common. Many individuals shave their heads because of balding or religious reasons. However, some people trim and shave their hair to be bald in certain locations, si... Read More »

Faded Hairstyles?

In a "faded" hairstyle, the stylist or barber will shave the sides and back of your head with clippers, creating a "faded" look from the top of your head to the hairline. While seen mostly in men's... Read More »

How to be less scared with shaved head (girl)?

Ah, you're in quite a situation... Are you able to save some of your hair? If you can, pixie cuts usually look good on everyone.You could invest in some hats (not just any hats, but hats that you r... Read More »

Dumb hairdresser shaved off my sideburns without asking (I'm a girl). Will they ever grow out normally again?

Yes! They'll grow back. It won't take too long. They will start looking better every day. In one week they won't look so chopped off. In three weeks they will look almost normal again and they'll t... Read More »