Partial Shade Plants?

Answer There are a multitude of plants available that grow best in partial shade. Many annuals, perennials, spring bulbs, woodland-type plants and even some herbs and vegetables will grow quite nicely in ... Read More »

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Partial Shade Plants & Bushes?

Plants are often categorized according to their light needs. Many flowering plants and bushes need a full day's worth of sunlight. A very few can thrive even in full shade. Most plants grow well in... Read More »

Evergreens for Partial Shade?

While evergreens are a consistent design element for your yard since they do not lose their leaves, getting the most out of your evergreen plants is highly dependent on careful selection for your p... Read More »

What does full sun to partial shade mean?

Full sun refers to the sunlight a garden receives each day, which is six to eight hours. Partial shade gardens receive two to four hours of sun. Plants that do not receive the correct amount of sun... Read More »

What does partial shade mean for planting bulbs?

Partial shade means that the bulbs should be planted where they get no more than six hours of sun, or 30% to 60% of the day. Research light requirements for the particular plant and choose the best... Read More »