Part of my earing fell under my laptop keyboard. how do i get it out?

Answer Try tape on a toothpick.

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The number 2 fell off of my laptop's keyboard!!!!!!!?

I had the same problem but with a different key. Same Laptop too. They basically just pop right back in however if the tab on the underside of the key broke you'll need to get a new key. They are... Read More »

What happened when I fell asleep at the keyboard?

You probably like hit all the keys on the keyboard and got: alkjs'd'alkjda'jopaewj

Part of my tooth fell out?

This has happened to me. Its my back tooth though. I went to dentist and they sadI would need a crown, which I can not afford and my option is to get it extracted. I am not good with pain so I am ... Read More »

Front white part of tooth fell out?

It could be a root canal, but I'm not sure, sorry if it's not the right answer- all I know is root canal can make your tooth bleed.The front white part of your tooth is called "enamel"