Parking Laws for Smart Cars in Europe?

Answer By now, most people have seen the Smart two-seat cars. In Europe, these little buggies drive through traffic like they own the roads. They zip through congestion, pass on either right or left, and ... Read More »

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The Cheapest Cars in Europe?

Cars in Europe vary in some considerable ways from their American counterparts -- they typically have smaller engines, smaller dimensions and fewer standard options. They also tend to be more expe... Read More »

DUI Laws in Europe?

DUI laws in Europe, like DUI laws in the United States, present a two-pronged test for drivers suspected of being under the influence. Under "per se DUI" regulations, a driver will be guilty of DUI... Read More »

How much are Smart Cars?

The Smart Car was designed by Mercedes-Benz to alleviate many of the environmental and congestion problems caused by cars in an urban setting. Due to the increased attention to environmental issues... Read More »

Marijuana Laws in Europe?

There are no general European Union laws on marijuana, so laws differ from country to country. There are four general categories: legal, decriminalized, illegal but not enforced, illegal and enforc... Read More »