Paris Hairstyles?

Answer Parisians have a way of making the rest of the world jealous. Whether it's their hair, body types, eyes or ravishing smiles, French women and men share beautiful styles with the world. Parisian wom... Read More »

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If Paris Hilton's parents weren't rich--what would Paris be doing for a living?

How to Make Short Hairstyles With Kinky Twist Hairstyles?

Short hairstyles with kinky twists can be a funky and edgy way to style your hair. Another perk of this style is that it is easy to do and can translate well as a style for both men and women. If y... Read More »

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DIY Plaster of Paris?

Plaster of paris is a general name used to describe a number of plasters, from a gypsum-based plaster used in home construction to glue- and flour-based plasters for home crafts. Sometimes called p... Read More »