Parents with young children please answer my questionnaire?

Answer Sure:1) How many children do you have in childcare at the moment and their agesJust one child, he is 28 months old. 2) What type of childcare do you use? (Nursery, Childminder, nanny, family member... Read More »

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Parents with young children... How do you cook dinner Seriously?

Could you freeze stuff ahead on the weekend and pop whatever in the oven when you get home? There are lots of things that freeze well.Or you could brown beef, chop vegetables, etc. etc. after the k... Read More »

Parents to young children with no chimney (only read if you believe in Santa)?

You can buy 'Magic keys' in the shop, they are like big bronze keys that wouldnt open any door, but your child doesnt know that. You leave it on your doorstep and santa gets in by the door cos he h... Read More »

Should the parents of the morbidly obese young children on the Maury Popovich show be charged with child abuse?

Teens and young adults answer only or young at heart?

Yes when I lived at home with my family, we always ate together.It was my decision.Oh frequently.Yes I did my fair share.I am 23.