Parents want my facebook password?

Answer Your parents are understandably concerned and are taking precautions to keep you safe. I understand if you feel that they are intruding your privacy. I am honestly on your side. Personally, I think... Read More »

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My parents want full access to my Facebook.?

Buy your own computer and pay for your own internet service.

My parents are extremely protective. They don't want me to get a facebook, myspace, or anything like that.?

With facebook sign up they ask for my email password should I put it in and why do they want it?

If they ask for you password they want to import your address book to find any of your friends from your address book to see if they are listed on facebook. They are not going to send out any emai... Read More »

GUYS , honestly if you dont want to give your girlfriend your facebook password what are the reasons behind it?

There are a million reasons. He probably wants to communicate privately with friends without the fear of you reading and analyzing what he writes. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? How would you fee... Read More »