Parents: do you give your kids three meals a day or do you let them snack?

Answer My kids are raised and one has children of her own. I used to do child daycare. Our schedule was pretty rigid because of the daycare. 7:30 Breakfast including grain, milk and fruitEgg, toast, ba... Read More »

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Do most parents that give up their kids and put them in adoption have good lifes afterwards?

Your parents spoil your brother and give you all the work how do you tell them that they are treating us unfairly?

You know, my parents did that all the time. But once you think about it, your brother might be thinking the same way about you. Okay, this used to be my way: whenever my parents made me do the work... Read More »

Why do restaurants give out stupid crayons with their kids' meals?

i think those crayons are fun but sometimes the mazes are too difficult and i have problems getting the duck to the pond.

How to Get a Midnight Snack Without Your Parents Knowing?

Are you hungry in the middle of the night? But you don't want to wake up your parents and have them yell at you? Here are a few simple steps and tips to help you be a sneaky snack taker!