Parents alcoholics, no one to turn to, please help?

Answer There really isn't much you can do for them if they see no problem. You could try a family intervention, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. For yourself, you could look into Al Anon. It's... Read More »

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Your friends parents are alcoholics and they get really angry at her when they are drunk how can you help her?

You can speak to her about the situation, and see how she feels about it. If they abuse her (physically or mentally) often, and this has an effect on her; she can speak to AA (alcoholics anonymous)... Read More »


Your problem isn't that you turn red it's that you care that you turn red. Might as well have a black dude on here complaining he's too black. Nothing can be done except to come to terms with your ... Read More »

My Computer Won't Turn Off! Please help :( ?… and scroll down to "The computer stops responding when you try to shut down or restart the computer" and try their fixes.

My Polaroid DVF-720 doesn't turn on how will i fix it please help.?

Have you given any thought to charging the battery?