Parents! Do you ever play "I'm going to drop you ingrates off at the orphanage" with your kids?

Answer No but no kidding, the 10th-or-so time Bear threatened to run away (she was probably 6), I opened the front door and told her to get out. She was horrified, and scared. She protested and pleaded.... Read More »

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How do we get rid of geese that are hanging around our ponds and drop waste on the lawn where the kids play?

Geese are stubborn, so there's no quick-fix to rid them. Therefore, I recommend "Goose Chase" it cost $95 from Bird-X and geese hates this stuff!

What percentage of parents let their kids play M-rated games?

According to a survey conducted by, around 39 percent of parents allow their kids to play M-rated (called "18-rated" over there) video games. That's more than a third of pare... Read More »

Did Yosemite Sam ever say ingrates?

They look so much alike in a sister way.......They need to ask their parents if there was some infidelity, going on.

Should parents insure their eighteen year old kids on their insurance policy or make the kids get their own coverage?

Answer The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.