Parents Coping With Autistic Children?

Answer Autism, a bio-neurological condition that affects a child's ability to interact socially and use language appropriately. After the initial shock of learning that a child has autism, parents must le... Read More »

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Pro-vax parents who say "I'd rather have an autistic child than a dead one," do you HAVE an autistic child?

Texas nomad, I think I love you!What goes through my mind after I stop seeing red is that the person isn't very educated on vaccines and has no idea how rude and hurtful they are being.On the other... Read More »

Is child rearing better when children pay more attention to parents than parents pay to children or when the opposite is true?

A child being abused can be any age from newborn and up until you become an adult not living in someone else's home.

How to Assess Autistic Children?

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with language and social interaction. It affects not only behavior but also the child's perceptions. Behavioral traits associated wi... Read More »

Bin Activities to Use With Autistic Children?

Containers can be incorporated into professional therapy sessions for children with autism, but parents can also learn how to use bins in exercises at home. Introducing a child with autism to diffe... Read More »