Parental rights on an adopted child?

Answer Part of the adoption process involves the termination of rights of the biological parents. When the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents assume the rights and responsibilities of the biologi... Read More »

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Can you regain custody or visitation rights once parental rights have been terminated in Virginia after child has been adopted?

Ideally both parents would sit down and talk but it looks like that won't happen so depending on the resolve of the fathers parents, the case could end up in the courts, there is no way to tell wha... Read More »

In Illinois can a biological father who voluntarily relinquished his parental rights reclaim those rights if the child is not adopted within a specific period of time?

Answer No.Once the court has granted the petition for parental rights to be terminated it is permanent. The parent(s) who voluntarily relinquished cannot have them reinstated. A permanent terminat... Read More »

Your parental rights were terminated and your son was adopted do you still have to pay child support?

If you signed over your parental rights is there any way to reverse that if the child was adopted by a step-parent?

Adoption cannot be revoked unless there were legal flaws in the adoption process, which is unlikely. You no longer have to pay maintenance (child support), but you also lose rights of access.