Parental Control won't let me download Chrome HELP?

Answer You need to ask your parents to download/install it.And are you only unable to download chrome or everything else?

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How do I unlock parental control on a directv receiver if I forgot the parental control password?

u could do the 400 possible combinations by doing 1111, 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 but write down what you do each day and only do 5 max becuz it has a digital delay for getting it wrong... actually,... Read More »

Why wont any videos play on chrome (mac)?

Clear cache & cookies as well as junk files. You can use Ccleaner for mac to do these tasks easily.#Uninsuall current Chrome and download & install the latest one.#Slow internet can cause this too.

Why wont google chrome show red?

better you use firefox. it works fine without any issue.

Google Chrome stopped working & wont let me open it!?

try restarting. If not contact google for help.