Parental Control won't let me download Chrome HELP?

Answer You need to ask your parents to download/install it.And are you only unable to download chrome or everything else?

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How do I unlock parental control on a directv receiver if I forgot the parental control password?

u could do the 400 possible combinations by doing 1111, 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 but write down what you do each day and only do 5 max becuz it has a digital delay for getting it wrong... actually,... Read More »

Google chrome experts, help! why wont this page remove itself from my browsers history?

To delete your search history from Chrome, keep in mind that the steps might not be as obvious as they are with other browsers due to Chrome's streamlined design. However, once you find the Tools m... Read More »

My virus wont allow ethernet connection even in safe mode so cannot download ativirus please help?

If one of your pals has a computer, you can download the antivirus to the usb. Another possibility would be restoring your computer to a certain time in the past using system restore. Another one w... Read More »

Why wont any videos play on chrome (mac)?

Clear cache & cookies as well as junk files. You can use Ccleaner for mac to do these tasks easily.#Uninsuall current Chrome and download & install the latest one.#Slow internet can cause this too.