Parent Teacher Organization Ideas?

Answer Parent teacher organizations (PTOs) are very instrumental for both teachers as well as students in a variety of ways. Parent groups assist teachers and school administrative officials in fundraisi... Read More »

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What is parent teacher organization?

PTO is a generic term for a school's parent-teacher organization. According to the PTO Today website, about 75 percent of parent-teacher groups choose to call themselves PTOs rather than affiliate ... Read More »

How to Organize a Parent Teacher Organization? suggests that creating a parent teacher organization (PTO) is easily done: "Get a group of people together, agree on a common goal, and then get to it!" Organizing a PTO can be the ke... Read More »

Parent Teacher Organization Bylaws?

A parent teacher organization (PTO) is organized and run according to bylaws, or rules. The bylaws will differ slightly from organization to organization, as each group will have individual needs a... Read More »

How to Create a Parent Teacher Student Organization?

Parent-teacher-student organizations, known as PTSOs, are similar in function to parent-teacher associations, or PTAs, except that, as the name implies, they include students. PTSOs have different ... Read More »