Pardon me but I need help with Linux. Cam you help, hurry?

Answer you mean like this one, from scratch

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I need help with Linux. How do you create new partitions Hurry...?

There is a partition manager when you install it. Re-size your current partition and make the new ones from that space. And the guy that says linux suck is a ********. Linux kicks ***

I need help with my new hard drive!! Hurry.?

IS the flash drive bootable? Did you set your pc to boot from the flash drive?IS the OS on the flash drive?There is a special format util for the flash drive and procedure for making it boot.Google... Read More »

I need help with linux?

Even better... this is online: have found this site to be invaluable when trying to learn new things in linux. Have you decided on a Distro yet?

Need help Quick Hurry!!?

Yes they do. See if there is a 24 hour CVS around, I know there are 2 in my town so chances are there is one around you. Also if there is a 24 hour stop and shop or whatever grocery store you hav... Read More »