Paranormal Detection Equipment?

Answer Paranormal detection equipment is essential for both amateur and professional ghost hunters alike. Not only will the correct equipment increase your chances of detecting paranormal phenomena, it ma... Read More »

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Equipment & Tools Used in Paranormal Investigation?

Exploring paranormal phenomena and encounters---such as ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, etc.---is such a popular pursuit that high-tech equipment is often devoted to helping people discover evidence of th... Read More »

What was the scripted paranormal tv show that used to air reruns on TNT not X Files This show aired about 8-10 years ago It featured a team of paranormal scientists It was a group of 5 or 6?

Will mooning (explosing your bum) to a smile-detection camera active smile detection?

As far as I can tell, smile-detectors look for two dots on top (eyes), a faint veritcal line (nose) and a horizontal line (mouth.) Most people have the vertical line, but unless you have really pr... Read More »

Safety factors and recognised standards of equipment and materials for children.Importance of using equipment for the age?

identify the equipment and materials needeed for embroidery