Paramedics: What do you do if there is a dog that won't let you into the house.?

Answer If it were me and I knew the person inside had only minutes, I'd get a CO2 extinguisher from the engine and give the dog a quick burst on the snout. It has worked for me before. That saves valuable... Read More »

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Hey my house computer wont work....i really need help.?

My outside AC unit wont cut on but the fan in the house blows when i turn it on. What's wrong?

check and see if its frozen outside. Look down the shroud and see if there is ice. If so, let it thaw for 24 hours. #2 your coolant is low and you need a refill. #3 turn the dial all the way down t... Read More »

Had my house rewired by a certified electrician who wont certify his work what can i do?

hi there dont listen to what the other people are saying as it would cost you an arm and a leg to sue the guy or gal - there is an organisation that deals with all things electrical so you must con... Read More »

Sibling wont prove she is a guardian or trustee mom died 1 month ago sibling is hurrying to empty house?

Your mother should have a Will. Find out who her lawyer is. Check out to see if your mother had a security box at the bank she has done business with. You can also retain a lawyer to find out if a ... Read More »