Paramedics: What do you do if there is a dog that won't let you into the house.?

Answer If it were me and I knew the person inside had only minutes, I'd get a CO2 extinguisher from the engine and give the dog a quick burst on the snout. It has worked for me before. That saves valuable... Read More »

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There was this TV series in the mid-late 90's that had kids break into a house and they made a wish to become superheroes of somesort what was that show?

If you have bees swarming in a corner of your house that is unreachable and pest control could not do the job is there any poison out there that you can attach to a water hose?

If you have bees swarming, you either have a hive already or they're on the move and looking for a place to live. They could be splitting a hive and a new queen will leave with some of them. Find a... Read More »

How do I scan into a pdf file that wont come out sideways I rotate and the save option is not available!?

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Is there anyone else out there that does not wear shoes in the house?

I read the results of a study once that said that, based on a scientific study of a random sample, the most prevalent item on the soles of shoes is feces. At first I didn't believe it, but think ab... Read More »