Panhard Rod Vs. Sway Bar?

Answer The panhard rod and the sway bar, both components designed to enhance the operation of a vehicle’s suspension, are not necessarily included as standard equipment on all vehicles. The two have dis... Read More »

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How Do I Build a Panhard Bar?

A panhard bar is used in conjunction with a three link or a truck arm rear suspension system, and serves to laterally locate the rear axle. The panhard bar attaches to the chassis on one end, and t... Read More »

DIY Sway Bar?

A sway bar is a simple but critical device that contributes greatly to a vehicle's handling and stability. The bar is a rigid, cylindrical length of metal bolted to the suspension on either side. D... Read More »

How to Replace a Sway Bar?

The sway bar on a car or truck is designed to tie together the corners in a suspension. If you lean hard into a right hand turn, the sway bar translates that movement into the left corner and keeps... Read More »

How to Install a C5 Sway Bar?

In stock form, a C5-generation Corvette is already a very impressive vehicle, with flat, stable handling. However, like every car the C5 Corvette can benefit from some upgrades that will make it ev... Read More »