Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV (TH-50PX60U) question?

Answer If you're dead set on plasma you would be better off purchasing the Pioneer PDP-5070HD. However you'll forego "Full HD" 1080p capability (in and of itself it's not that big a problem) and you will... Read More »

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Panasonic 50" Class Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV, TC-P50X5....Is this a good TV for movies and games. Need opinions?

Steven is right. At this size you want 1080p. The 600hz is great for gaming, sports and fast action movies. The response ratio is great. You get no blur and no lag. The colors are vivid and the pic... Read More »

How to Connect a Panasonic VCR to a Panasonic Viera Hi-Definition Plasma TV?

Panasonic Viera plasma TV sets are equipped with several different sets of audio-video jacks for hooking up home theater equipment such as a VCR. The Viera's two sets of composite AV cables, one fo... Read More »

46 in LCD HDTV or a 50 in Plasma HDTV. Same price. Which is a better choice?

Even though Plasma HDTVs have a great picture at first, after a while the picture starts to dim and they have to be "re-gassed" by a qualified technician which costs around $350 and up according to... Read More »

What are the Remote codes for Panasonic hdtv?

SInce the Bose uses an RF (radio frequency) remote, and the TV is most likely IR (infra red), you will have to use the IR extenders that came in the box, plug into the IR port on the head, and poin... Read More »