Palm Trees Information?

Answer Palm trees (Palmae or Arecaceae) are iconic symbols of relaxed life on the beach and conjure up images of driving down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Palm trees are indigenous to tropical areas and... Read More »

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Information About Indoor Palm Trees?

While Indoor palm trees can add texture, beauty and a tropical feel to any indoor environment, not all palms are created equal. Palms are not difficult to maintain, but there are some specific care... Read More »

Information on Palm Trees in Hurricanes?

One of the more common trees in tropical, urban areas hit by hurricane force winds, palm trees are susceptible to uprooting during high speed winds, causing dangerous land conditions or debris duri... Read More »

Information on Royal Palm Trees?

The scientific name for the royal palm tree is Roystonea regia. Royal palm trees were heavily imported to Florida in the 1920s and 1930s according to Royal palm trees are found in ... Read More »

The Differences Between Palm Trees & Palmetto Trees?

While they are all members of the Arecaceae family, palmettos (Sabal adans.) and palms are not the same plants. Only a few palm trees such as the Everglades palm (Acoelorraphe wrightii), Florida si... Read More »