Palm Tree Adaptations?

Answer The palm tree, icon of tropical regions and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, is not unlike other evergreens: it must adapt to survive. The thousands of palm tree species (Arecaceae or Palmae) thrive i... Read More »

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Is the West African raffia palm tree used for palm wine?

The raffia palm (Raphia hookeri), also known as the Ivory Coast raffia palm or the wine palm, is one of a species of palms of the genus Raphia. Native to West Africa, the raffia palm provides vario... Read More »

What are the adaptations of an orange tree?

Adaptations & Survival Mechanisms of a Pecan Tree?

The southern pecan (Carya illinoinensis) is part of the walnut family. The large, deciduous tree grows well in moist, well-drained soils, where it is often found in association with water oak, elm ... Read More »

What is a palm oil tree?

A palm oil tree is a species of palm tree native to tropical regions around the world. The name palm oil tree refers to the primary use of the palm tree for oil.SpeciesGenerally, two species of pal... Read More »