Palate expander! Does it change ur face Help!?

Answer No, you'll be fine. I had one in 5th grade, and they're not that bad. The cranking doesn't hurt. The first day with it might hurt a little but it'll get better. A common side effect, however, is ge... Read More »

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What to do when your palate expander falls out?

you glue it back dudeuse the non toxic ^^har di har har

OMG, braces AND palate expander Ahhh!?

Omg that sounds miserable. I'm sorry, but hang in there, it will get better!

What percent my unborn baby to have cleft palate if i am a mother that have cleft palate?

If you stop eating meat, does your palate eventually change and you become more sensitive and appreciative of?

I actually stopped eating meat because it's utterly-tasteless, hence why people feel the need to cook it in oil, cover it with spices and herbs, and slather it with condiments, which for me makes i... Read More »