Pal or NTSC?

Answer This is a no thought process, just pick NTSC if you are in North America or Japan, anywhere else, probably PAL. Its that simple. Dont listen to the people who say, "PAL has more resolution" blah bl... Read More »

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Is the Wii NTSC or PAL?

The Nintendo Wii can be made for one of three regions: NTSC, PAL or NTSC-J. NTSC is the North American version, PAL is for Europe and NTSC-J is for Japan.References:Nintendo Wii: North AmericaNinte... Read More »

Is the UK NTSC or PAL?

Analog television in the UK uses a version of PAL called PAL-I. It is still broadcast alongside digital TV and is also used for connecting other equipment such as digital converter boxes (called "F... Read More »


The answer to your question is YES there are NTSC to PAL converters. The prices start at about $200 U.S. and go up. So buying a U.S. Vizio TV would not make sense if you are in the U.K.Also keep ... Read More »

How can you convert a pal DVD to ntsc?

PAL is the European color encoding system while NTSC is the North American system. If material has been encoded in PAL it is also (almost always) using a 50Hz field rate with 576 lines making up th... Read More »