Paints Used to Seal Outdoor Concrete & Stone?

Answer You can enhance the appearance of exterior concrete and stone surfaces by finishing them with the appropriate paint. Unfortunately, if you apply the wrong type of paint, you will end up with chippi... Read More »

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What is used to seal outside stone&concrete block walls?

Exterior stone and concrete block walls can be sealed, or waterproofed, with any number of products, including clay or rubber based sealants, modified asphalts and urethanes, which are sprayed or a... Read More »

The Colors of Krylon Make it Stone Kitchen Countertop Paints?

Granite and other types of stone are popular choices for a high-end kitchen or bathroom countertop. However, these materials are heavy, costly and require regular maintenance. Homeowners without th... Read More »

Outdoor Stone Cleaning?

Keeping your yard and landscaping clean may mean that it is necessary to clean stone walkways and areas once in awhile. Using the proper tools and cleaner is part of the process. Cleaning outdoor s... Read More »

How do I seal stone veneer?

Before Sealing StoneAllow newly installed stone veneer to cure for 4 to 6 weeks before sealing. Stone sealer can change the color of a stone veneer; apply the sealer to a small area before applying... Read More »