Painting a Toilet's Scratches?

Answer Nicks and scratches on a toilet can mar the surface and make it appear unsightly. Save money and consider alternatives to purchasing a new toilet. By painting a toilet’s scratches, you can smooth... Read More »

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How do I remove scratches from porcelain toilets?

Small Interior ScratchesMeasure out 1/8 cup of abrasive bathroom and kitchen surface cleanser. Pour the cleanser into the water of the toilet bowl and allow it to sit three to four hours. Flush the... Read More »

Painting Tips for Painting Clouds on the Ceiling?

When you're looking for a special decorative touch for a bedroom or even a bathroom, clouds can make an original and visually pleasing addition to a ceiling or wall. Best of all, they're not a chal... Read More »

What is spray painting in fabric painting?

Spray painting on fabric is similar to other types of spray painting, but special tools and equipment are needed. Common household spray paint does not absorb well and does not wash well. Using an ... Read More »

How do I use lye in toilets?

Plunging the ToiletUnclog the bulk of your toilet drain by plunging the toilet vigourously. Use a force ball-type plunger if possible instead of a cup-style plunger; the ball type looks rounded ins... Read More »