Pains all over my body!!!?

Answer Inflammation = pain.You need to determine the source of the pain. Do you sit a computer for long periods of time? I have the same problem. It started in my shoulders, moved into my shoulders, bicep... Read More »

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How do i get over hunger pains?

Drink lots of water & make sure you take your vitamins.You can get low calorie energy drinks which not only boost your metabolism, helping you to burn the fat, but also cure your cravings for more ... Read More »

Get Body pains 24/7. Please answer ASAP?

anemia causes pain all over the that could explain your other pain.there are many conditions that cause widespread pain---sometimes it just your lifestyle or a bad mattress..if you don't ... Read More »

Please help me, pains in my body after fall?

You could have a concussion and if that's the case DO NOT sleep. Sleeping after hitting your head is really dangerous. Call a friend or family member and ask them to bring you to the hospital to ge... Read More »

Back & body pains Growing or something else?

if you haven't been overdoing haven't taken any falls, or injuries.then i think you should go to a doctor.that doesn't sound like growing pains.