Painful stomach cramps when jumping rope?

Answer could be abdominal strain. go get checked cause could be almost anything. as long as it isnt consistant all day, i wouldnt worry too much. might be hernia and when u jump it is shifting stuff. they... Read More »

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How can I prevent stomach cramps when I'm running?

1. Know the cause. Some runners get cramps if they've eaten too close to running. Also, running harder or faster than you're accustomed to, in hot weather, can cause cramping. 2. Avoid heat cr... Read More »

How can I avoid getting stomach cramps when i run?

I believe theres 2 answers to your question. A lot of people think that its what you eat that has an effect on your stomach. i.e. eatting and running too soon.I believe its a combination of Breathi... Read More »

When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps?

YES Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.

How to Spool Knit a Jumping Rope?

A homemade jumping rope is fun to make and fun to play with afterwards.