Painful spot on my back to touch?

Answer You could have a internal bruse those a pretty painful

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I cant touch my glans, its very sensitive and painful?

You may not like to hear this, but your doctor recommended circumcision purely because it makes them a lot of money:…Alternative treatments for phimosis ex... Read More »

Help!!! painful lumps on my back and 14 :(?

You could be feeling your tailbone which naturally has several is a diagram:…It's a sensitive area, so if you hurt it while you were stretchi... Read More »

My lower back is swollen and painful?

How many Advil did you take? Some people take 2, and expect it to work. 4 have to be taken at the onset of serious pain, then 2 from then on. I have backpains sometimes too, I take 4 Advil, and put... Read More »

Small, painful lump on back of neck?

Hi, sounds like this could be an enlarged lymph node. These can enlarge if you are fighting an infection (eg. a cold), or for hormonal reasons. If it doesn't go soon you should visit your doctor, b... Read More »