Painful rash (Preferably girls only, please.)?

Answer Yeast infection maybe. If you get it, the discharge should be thick, white, cheesy. You may also have the symptoms:Pain/itch/burning at vulva areaPain/itch/burning in vaginaPain during intercourse ... Read More »

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Is the HIV rash painful?

A skin rash is an early symptom of HIV. It may appear several weeks after a patient is first infected with the virus. The rash appears on the first on the neck and face, and is red and splotchy. So... Read More »

Is a tick rash painful?

A tick rash is not normally painful at the actual site of a tick bite. Tick bites, however, can cause other symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, headache and fatigue if transmission of Lyme diseas... Read More »

I have a painful rash / bite on my neck?

You should go to the doctors to get it checked, it sounds like a bite but your skin might have had a reaction to something. Also, if it's itchy try not to scratch it, you may scratch the head off t... Read More »

Is heat rash painful for babies?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103