Painful lower back - what's the cause?

Answer Is it in the muscle or the bone, or just the lower back in general? You could have damaged your kidneys, slipped a disc, torn a muscle, or put your spine out. If its in your spine, I would go to ... Read More »

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My lower back is swollen and painful?

How many Advil did you take? Some people take 2, and expect it to work. 4 have to be taken at the onset of serious pain, then 2 from then on. I have backpains sometimes too, I take 4 Advil, and put... Read More »

What could cause front right lower neck pain that is painful to the touch?

I also am experiencing the same pain. It runs along the front of my neck from below my right ear to my windpipe. I woke up with this pain yesterday so I am thinking I slept in a odd psition & have ... Read More »

Can a bed cause lower back problems?

On One Hand: No, a bed does not cause lower back issuesPrescribing bed rest for low back pain is common, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Laying down can take pressure off the spin... Read More »

Lower abdominal/back pain ----- possible cause?

If you have a desk job maybe you've strained it bending over your desk all day. My advice is see a physiotherapist before it gets any worse and don't do benches for a few weeks.