Painful irregular shaped mole has changed colour, size & shape, that's a bad thing right?

Answer Get thee to the thine primary care doctor ASAP.We all love you Toke. Get it looked at quickly. Melanoma isn't something to delay. I'm sorry I used the scary word but...I'll keep good thoughts for y... Read More »

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The colour on my computer monitor has changed, how do i get it back to the original colour?

In the monitor menu, each colour should be set to 100.If you have lost one colour, and everything has gone, for example, very cyan or magenta all of a sudden, then you should try unplugging your mo... Read More »

Is there a risk with an irregular shaped gestational sac?

Answer I had an irregular shaped gestational sac. At 8 weeks I had a scan which showed that the yolk sac measured 8 weeks but the fetal pole only measured 6 weeks but there was a heart beat. I had ... Read More »

Is it time when you are 38 weeks and having irregular but painful contractions?

Yes. If you think thats what it is! Anywhere from 30+ weeks means your ready, and can start any moment.

Painful mole?

You MUST get t checked out this could be a real warning sign. I had a mole on my back that I had forever and it started to hurt and itch... turned out cancerous... got it cut out and all is well now