Pain when urinating what could be wrong?

Answer UTIUrinary Tract Infection

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Throbbing pain in sides of stomach and thirst and urinating frequently. Sweating with pain and burning.?

Urinary tract infection, kidney stones or appendicitis. Go to the doctors, please.Or rehydrate yourself with plenty of water, cranberry juice and apparently lots of mashed potato is good at helping... Read More »

Can vaginal dryness cause pain when urinating?

On One Hand: Dryness Does Not Lead Directly to PainVaginal dryness may not lead directly to vaginal pain, although the Mayo Clinic does report that it may increase the need to urinate. Vaginal dryn... Read More »

Pain in lower abdominal while urinating, causes?

Are you holding it for long periods of time? Are there any issues with your muscles down there? Not sure, but these could be some things to consider.Also, unless you are really young, you may need ... Read More »

Is a stabbing pain in the crotch while urinating normal during pregnancy?