Pain under my tongue. very scared.?

Answer gargle with 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 water twice a day. odds are you have a little infected taste bud or something, and the peroxide (granted, not the tastiest of remedies) should flush the yuck out.

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Why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?

Lol, no. It's very uncommon for either of the arteries in the human tongue to curve inward to the center. And if that happened and a piercer hit a vein, you would have bled to death. Piercings (Goo... Read More »

Scared I might have appendicitis but no pain on right side. Pain is everywhere?

Calm down, you are ok, I think, go by the book of symptoms, If you do not have the symptoms of appendicitis, you have something else. I just went through it, had unbelievable pain, all over, had a ... Read More »

Why is my tongue in so much pain after tonsillectomy !?

its perfectly normal. they clamp your tongue so its out of the way. your tongue will continue to be sore for a few more days. btw the pain gets worse before it get better. it will get better very f... Read More »

The Pain After a Tongue Piercing?

A tongue piercing can be a fun way to modify your body. Because a piercing causes a major change in your body, some discomfort is normal as your piercing heals. With proper piercing procedures and ... Read More »