Pain under my ribs when i breath in and out?

Answer Pain like that could be any number of things that are secondary to a cold/cough. Pleurisy, Broncitis, Pneumonia, etc. OR it could just be from the strain of repetitive coughing. Best way to find ou... Read More »

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Horrible pain in left ribs, cant take deep breath?

how come you're not at the emergency room right now?you need to be examined!congrats on the baby, get well soon

Pain directly under my ribs Help!!?

This is me, this may not be for you ... but last time that happened I got sick out of nowhere. Don't worry though you're okay. If anything it could have been pulled a muscle. Maybe you ate somethin... Read More »

Pain under left breasts kinda by ribs and skin shrunk in. What is that?

perhaps you should seek a doctor instead of tim tebow.... they should be easier to find... ((princess))

What could be wrong when you have pain in the mid lower left back area when i breath?

Possibly an infection of the pleural lining. See your doctor.