Pain management and relief: Why go doctors with ailments a Tens machine could fix?

Answer If only there was something similar for the chronic pain I suffer due to osteoarthritis in my right ankle(I shattered the ankle into five pieces and it's all held together with surgical steel and n... Read More »

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Use of 'Placebo therapy' in the management of physical and psychological ailments...........?

The Placebo Effect" is a very serious problem for the drug companies. Whenever they study the effects of a new drug on Humans they have a control group which gets a placebo. Interestingly the contr... Read More »

Any experience here Can a Tens machine help jump start temporarily paralysed limbs?

I wore one for a couple years and if I cranked up the volume it would make my legs dance an Irish jig.They are used for pain distraction similar to Mentholatum or hitting you thumb with a hammer to... Read More »

What's better for pain relief?

For tonsillitis - aspirin in a liquid form that you can gargle or swill around the area in pain.

How to Improve Classroom Management when Relief Teaching?

The classroom is vital to the learning environment. The order, the processes, the procedures. Obviously the good classroom teacher will have these completely ingrained in the students. So when a st... Read More »