Pain management and relief: Why go doctors with ailments a Tens machine could fix?

Answer If only there was something similar for the chronic pain I suffer due to osteoarthritis in my right ankle(I shattered the ankle into five pieces and it's all held together with surgical steel and n... Read More »

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I know you are not Doctors - but do you have any idea what could cause Chest pain when swallowing?

Legit foot pain with no relief!?

Go back to the doctor, tell him/her that your pain is too much to handle, and don't leave until they offer a solution.

Use of 'Placebo therapy' in the management of physical and psychological ailments...........?

The Placebo Effect" is a very serious problem for the drug companies. Whenever they study the effects of a new drug on Humans they have a control group which gets a placebo. Interestingly the contr... Read More »

How long for fibromyalgia pain relief with lyrica?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsAn anticonvulsant drug used in therapy for partial seizures, Lyrica has been found by many fibromyalgia patients to reduce pain, allow more peaceful sleep and promot... Read More »