Pain in the middle of my upper back?

Answer if you can , get some one to give you a good back rub .a little cold / hot therapy and aspirin . if that does not help see a back specialist .

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Sudden upper chest and upper middle back pain when inhaling or moving?

Pain in the chest, accompanied by a deep cough is usually a sign of severe respiratory infection. You should see a doctor and get a chest x-ray; you probably have bronchitis and/or pneumonia.

How to Prevent Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain, although less frequent than lower back issues, is a problem for many today. Because the thoracic spine in the upper and middle back region is not as mobile as the lower back and ne... Read More »

How to relieve upper back pain after gymnastics?

Pain in my upper gum above a tooth that had a root canal a while back?

Abscess. Could be caused by:- foreign matter pushed down the root,- an additional root that was missed,- leakage down one of the wires,- allergic reaction to something forming at the root.The dent... Read More »