Pain in shoulder when coughing ?

Answer It happens, It will go away when the cough does. You have to try and relax.Do you have athsma ? that could be a factor.

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Is it normal to have neck and shoulder pain in addition to jaw pain when a wisdom tooth is coming in?

I've been working on my honey's back and neck for years, and I've noticed that it's all connected. You may be tensing your shoulder and neck because of the pain in your mouth. Or a nerve could be ... Read More »

Lower back pain, made severe when coughing?

Blessings. yes take him back, he need some pain killer and some penicillin. I'm not a Doctor, but my mom work in the medical field I just asked her. She said he need some pain killer for the pai... Read More »

I fell off my bike when i was doin jumps and i am in allot of pain when i run my upper chest and shoulder hurt?

Likely broken ribs. Doctor will tell you what meds to take for pain, and will give you breathing exercises. Takes two to four months to heal, and you'll take the pain meds for that time so you won'... Read More »

New pain feels like tip of a knife poking into shoulder. Is this my frozen shoulder or something else?

You are sleeping on this:…Stupid L1 non-linking!