Pain in my wrist when applying pressure to my hand?

Answer I have the same problems. It's probably tendonitis. Mine is carpal tunnel, which is also a possibility if you use that hand a lot. I've found massages help. I would also grab a carpal tunnel wrist ... Read More »

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Should you mention back pain or high blood pressure when applying for new insurance?

Answer I wouldn't. These are pretty common things and I would not say anything about this or it may jeopardize you getting coverage.

Left hand wrist pain.?

I wonder if you had a minor stroke in the past without possibly realizing it. I am not a doctor in the least but have total sympathy for your situation and really hope they find out what's wrong an... Read More »

Hand pain first with wrist and now arms What could it be?

You definitely need to give your hands & arms a break. Painkillers will not prevent long-term damage, so they aren't a solution. Also, give yourself a more ergonomic setup & try some speech-to-text... Read More »

Pain in wrist when pushing?

This sounds like a typical sprain, they are often more painful than a break and take just as long to heal properly. Try not to use that hand for any more strenuous activity, and when you don't need... Read More »