Pain in my side hurts and it makes me need To sit down?

Answer Sounds like possible appendicitis. If you have a low fever, you need to see a doctor now.

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PAIN HURTS in side?

Go to ER immediately. Let them solve your problem. Try a lie down with the knee in your chest, may be this position helpful for a moment.

I have a pain left side upper back just below my neck. I havn't hurt it in anyway even when i breathe it hurts?

Its just about sleeping problem you have taken the pillow below your head makes your head enough height with the body. It will be heal automatically if not than consult the Doctor

Pain in right side that makes me sit down?

Get to the doctor asap. It could be your appendix and if it is, you need to get it treated before it bursts. A burst appendix can be life-threatening.

Pain in my side it makes me sit down when I get it?

could be a appendix get to the hospital or gp they can bust seek help A&E