Pain in my leg. Is it really lack of Vitamin D?

Answer calcium and vitamin D is a fabulous diagnosis for you ...... pain killers would be ripping the calcium right out of your bones and putting you right back at square one mate ....... is it possible ... Read More »

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How would lack of vitamin D show in your body please?

i don't really know.... i just want to spread some love here......

My husbands hands are all dry and chapped is it a lack of vitamin c What cream can you recommend?

No, its nothing to with vitamin C.Its likely an eczema/dermatitis. Its very common.Try an emollient, aqueous cream or mild hydrocortisone cream as a last resort.Avoid any detergents or chemical irr... Read More »

If human were not meant to eat meat and diary products, then why do plant based foods lack vitamin b-12?

Why would you believe anyone who tells you humans aren't meant to eat meat? We are omnivores, and while maybe we shouldn't eat as much meat as we do, that's not to say that we shouldn't eat any at ... Read More »

Vitamin D3 & Pain?

Vitamin D has been traditionally associated with bone health, not pain. However, because of the now widely recognized vitamin deficiency in the United States, the medical community is taking a much... Read More »