Pain in chest after chinese food?

Answer Many people have a sensitivity to MSG. MSG is still used very much in Asian foods to enhance flavor. While many companies have eliminated it's use, many restaurants still use it. Some of them over ... Read More »

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I get a pain in my chest when i swallow food Acid reflux?

Acid reflux usually happens when you sleep after you ate a huge meal but it usually happens to people like in their 50's and older. It's like your food liquified rushes up from your stomach area w... Read More »

Isn't Japanese food FAR BETTER than Chinese food Chinese food is disgusting! What do you think?

I think you should stop posting questions about a Japanese superiority that doesn't exist.

How to stop sore, itchy chest pain after triple bypass?

I have seen similar issues of very late scar pain following by pass a few times. There is inevitably some pretty extensive disruption of the cutaneous nerves when the chest wall is opened. You end ... Read More »

Do you like Chinese food I used to buy my Chinese food from this place in manhattan.?

To many people never come in to claim their orders and that's one way to eliminate wasted food. It's not odd but good sense. Not really just some odd people working at my favorite restaurant.