Pain guys please help :(?

Answer Yes I'm glad you added the rock gig info because that combined with having had a hernia ruled out (you were wise to get that checked) suggests it's a groin pull. Here's a good article about them an... Read More »

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My Dad's in pain, can you guys help?

First of all, I agree, he ought to try medical marijuana if that's legal where you live. My GF is just getting over chemotherapy for breast cancer and I think pot really helped her. In fact I tol... Read More »

Pain.... Severe pain! Please help!?

you bruised your coxicks (sp?) bone and it really does hurt. You need to rest. it will heal on its own. You can take a warm bath in the meantime, or better yet, use ice there in a plastic bag to... Read More »


As a pharmaceutical tech i get calls like these all night long. Here is my response ( i have memorized it) "The symptoms you are experiencing are severe. You need to seek medical help as soon as yo... Read More »

Guys help me out. I am in trouble. My left testicle seems to be hurted and im in pain.?

dont be emmabarsed of it .go and see a good doctor.