Pages loading slowly since I uninstalled bling ?

Answer Go to your browser settings and tick the box making it the default browser. The computer is looking for Bling first and when it can't find it it's using your browser instead. By ticking the default... Read More »

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Why wikipedia is loading very slowly?

Anybody know why my YouTube videos are loading incredibly slowly?

Sounds like your Internet, you might of been going directly back to the exchange on a separate line, they may of put mor people on the same line as you and your getting slower speeds, go to speedte... Read More »

What Is Causing My Web Pages to Open So Slowly?

You can increase the overall speed of your computer by learning about the variables that make a Web page load slowly. It's relatively easy to Increase the speed of your computer and make Web pages ... Read More »

Problems Loading Web Pages?

As much as we would all like websites to always load properly, this is unfortunately rarely the case. From a misspelled URL to a server overload, there are a number of reasons why a Web page might ... Read More »