Pages arent loading properly?

Answer what type of connection do you have? if it is wireless then there might be interference from a cordless house phoneif it is not wireless and plugged in directly th modem then you should restart you... Read More »

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Why Are Web Pages Loading Slow?

When paying a high monthly fee for Internet, the last thing you'd expect it to be is slow. There are times when slowly loading web pages can't be avoided. Temporary computer issues will be resolved... Read More »

Problems Loading Web Pages?

As much as we would all like websites to always load properly, this is unfortunately rarely the case. From a misspelled URL to a server overload, there are a number of reasons why a Web page might ... Read More »

Twitter page not loading properly?

It's interesting to read that other people are having similar issues. My Twitter was down all of yesterday. If I tried to access I got the very basic Twitter layout, but the full site wouldn't load... Read More »

How do I keep Web pages from loading video?

Download a Plug-In for Your BrowserVideos can make Web pages load much more slowly because the majority of them require a Flash plug-in to run. However, a Web user can prevent Flash video from load... Read More »