Pads, or Tampoons?

Answer Pads are great for girls who aren't very experienced with their anatomy as they are easy to figure out. Tampons are good for girls who want to get to know about their bodies a little more and to ha... Read More »

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Which tampoons have recently been recalled?

Just wad up a bunch of cotton balls and tape them into a tubular shape...oh, and don't forget some string!No one said you can have a girlfriend.`

Raybestos Ceramic Brake Pads Vs. Factory Pads?

Raybestos ceramic brake pads are an upgrade to the factory pads in several ways. Longer service life, reduced dusting and quiet operation are where Raybestos ceramic pads shine. Before you make th... Read More »

Do detox foot pads (Kinoki pads) really work?

Nope, its a scam. Wet it and the tea hidden in the pad turns brown. Sweat from feet, trapped by adhesive, does that.

"Smooth Away Pads". Has anyone tried these pads Are they worth buying?

I have to tell you that i saw this commercial this morning and I was intrigued. I decided against purchasing it because, like most As Seen On TV items, they're crap! BUT- I went with my daughter t... Read More »