Packing lunch for school for vegetarians ideas please.?

Answer sandwiches(i.e. peanut butter,peanut butter and jelly,cheese),a veggie burger,etc.The school might even serve spaghetti or grilled cheeses or something like that. :)

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Packing lunch for work, any ideas?

Most of the time I bring dinner left overs. Other things I'll bring are salads, sandwiches (they sound boring, but there are SO many varieties of sandwiches), tuna salad and crackers, frozen entre... Read More »

Packed lunch for a Vegan any ideas Please?

You could do something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a tomato sandwich, pasta noodles or rice, hummus and pita bread, and many types of fresh fruits and vegetables ........ here ... Read More »

Easy school lunch ideas?

Sandwiches are my favourite and stretch your mind beyond the PB&JAsparagus spearsTomatoSliced eggLettuceCheeseHamChickenLunch meat etc.Hman

Healthy School lunch Ideas =)?

Eating raw foods is the best way for you to stay healthy and lose weight. You can eat unlimited vegetables (especially dark greens like broccoli and spinach), fruit is great. Avoid starchy foods th... Read More »