Pacifistic Tattoo Ideas?

Answer It is often said that art flourishes during times of peace. A pacifistic tattoo is art that represents such peace. A tattoo is a physical form of expression and often acts as a manifestation of the... Read More »

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Emo Tattoo Ideas?

Emo isn't just short for emotional. The word, when shortened, takes on an entirely different meaning. It brings to mind images of people and a certain type of music. For some, it's nothing more tha... Read More »

I need help with Tattoo ideas?

Ignore that weird lady...Your idea really sounds beautiful. You might be interested to check out the meanings of flowers (I know that flowers might be too common, but one here and there will accent... Read More »

Sun Tattoo Ideas?

The sun is something we encounter daily without giving it much thought. While we may not always think about the effect it has on our existence, the sun makes a great tattoo concept because it has m... Read More »

I need some tattoo ideas?