Pachysandra Leaf Blight?

Answer Pachysandra leaf blight is a destructive disease that occurs in humid northern areas of the United States as well as in parts of northern Europe. The disease severely damages stressed and weakened ... Read More »

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Leaf Blight on a Plum Tree?

Plums (Prunus spp.) are a large, diverse group of plants. They range from small shrubs to medium-sized trees. Many are desirable for their tasty fruit, with others are grown for their attractive fo... Read More »

Can I mow pachysandra?

Pachysandra can be mowed as long as sticks and leaves are removed first and it's planted on level ground that isn't too rocky. Set the blade of your mower on a high setting and use a grass catcher.... Read More »

How do I transplant pachysandra?

PreparationSelect a spot for the divided pachysandra ahead of time. Pachysandra thrives in partial or full shade and soil that is moist but drains well. Spade the soil to a depth of at least 6 inch... Read More »

How do I kill pachysandra?

Dig it OutDig out pachysandra by cutting a trench underneath its shallow root system. Try simply rolling it up like a carpet. If that doesn't work, dig out as much of the root system as you can, si... Read More »